Botanical miniatures

Textile design project


The colour in the ‘Jardin des Plantes’, the Royal botanical garden in Paris, is the main subject of this project.

By having an almost ‘microscopic’ gaze on the miniature worlds hidden in the botanical garden, I am inspired by the way the colours exist, by their existence on the different surfaces, how they spread, their shadings… 

‘Botanical miniatures’ is a collection of colour ranges, textile designs and surfaces that will reflect this universe. 

 Interested in the transition from one colour to another, the colour gradients, the transparencies and the tiny motifs imprinted on petals, I used various techniques such as photography, weaving, dyeing, embroidery and knitting to replicate these material effects. The marked and irregular surfaces of the petals and the different aspects led me to develop a set of textured materials, bumpy, embossed and pleated.



All words & images provided are © Caroline Angiulo. 

All rights reserved.

pallette peinture-2017.jpg
tissage UN-2017.jpg