What is written all over our face(s) - Feeling Human

Speculative Material design project


How can humans protect the ability to choose which facial expressions they wish to reveal in a world where robots have the ability to read human faces with extreme precision?


Each face is unique and expressive. There is an intimate and silent connection between humans through facial movement as a mode of communication.

Human faces undergo many changes today - being modified, repaired, enhanced and personalised. As such the human ability to read faces is also evolving and will continue to do so, depending on how face transformations take shape. It will also change with the development of robots.

In dozens of years, we will share our lives with enhanced humans and robots. Robots will have improved their facial expressions recognition systems to allow more human like interactions and in order to be more effective in our world. They will be able to read human faces more quickly than humans today.

What if humans do not wish to be emotionally exposed to robot entities that are unfamiliar to them?



All words & images provided are © Caroline Angiulo. 

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COVER is a studio that creates facial expressions concealers for humans in order to help them to protect from too intrusive robot face reading systems.

The COVER studio has a group of researchers who seek out the weaknesses and loopholes in robotic face-reading systems. They take note of small flickers in facial expression that are undetectable or unreadable to these systems and use this knowledge to develop concealers for the future human.

They offer 2 sorts of facial expressions concealers: the soft covers and the virtual reality covers. 

COVER also offers training sessions to help humans perform their poker faces.

With COVER humans can decide when they want to share their face expressions to A.I Species.