Mind Wandering Bloom


How can we trigger mind wandering in our daily lives?


I am interested in the potential of materials to encourage a state of mind wandering.

That is, allowing us to temporarily disconnect from technology and our everyday lives to provide a moment of light relief, while introducing an element of the extraordinary and fantastical.

Mind wandering occurs when you are executing an easy, repetitive, and relatively unstimulating task, enabling you to lapse into ‘task-unrelated’ thoughts. Research suggests that this state of mind is healthy for mental well-being and can help stimulate creativity.

Just as the rabbit hole in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, or the taste of the madeleine in the novel ‘In Search of Lost Time’, these ‘wander materials’ aim to facilitate mental time travel through material design, evoking your imagination and providing a short escape. 


All words & images provided are © Caroline Angiulo. 

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This film presents an employee at his break time, buying a 'touch task' from a vending machine, and using different touch tasks that will provoke a state of mind wandering.